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You’ve proven that grassroots, publicly funded campaigns can succeed. Thank you.

As you may know, I am currently the lead vote-getter in the race to be your Democratic nominee for county executive. I am honored to have the support of so many thousands of residents throughout Montgomery County who agree that we can close the opportunity gap facing our children, grow an economy that works for everyone, and restructure county government to work better for you.

Absentee ballots and provisional ballots have not yet been counted, so we do not yet know the final election results. But I feel pretty good about where we’re at.

I am also humbled by what we’ve accomplished together. We were up against some very powerful forces in this election: an opponent using many millions of dollars of his own money to drown out other candidates’ messages, inaccurate and hostile coverage in blogs and newspapers purporting to be objective, and a front group for developers masquerading as a resident-advocacy organization. They had the resources to shape a false narrative about the county’s economic reality, my record, and how to move us forward in the years ahead.

But you donated. You knocked doors. You made calls. You entered data. You drove yard signs around the county. You invited me into your homes for meet and greets, you passed out information at Metro stations, you organized, and you got the word out about my campaign. You proved that, when we use our power, Montgomery County residents can meet the challenges posed by big-money interests.

Thank you for the hard work you put in over the course of this campaign - every dollar and every hour of your time has made a real and tangible difference.

We are going to change things in Montgomery County for the better. I look forward to partnering with you on that in the coming years.

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