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Economic Development Done Right

I wanted to make sure you saw the economic development plan I released recently. There is no doubt that economic development is important, but many politicians and commentators use it as a buzzword or as a euphemism for giving away your tax dollars. I prefer to focus on what studies show works: investing in our quality of life, including our transportation systems and schools, and supporting local entrepreneurs who want to start or expand small businesses.

My plan has five components:

  1. Encouraging Entrepreneurship

  2. Moving People, Goods, and Data Efficiently

  3. Developing Our Workforce

  4. Ensuring Regulations Are Sensible

  5. Promoting Opportunity For All

Montgomery County is a great place to live, and we’ve got a lot of strengths. We’ve also got rising needs due to an aging population, federal budget cuts, and unacceptably high levels of poverty and income inequality. Economic growth alone will not meet those needs, but if we couple an economic development plan that empowers workers and small, local businesses with a plan to use the $2.5 billion of our budget that isn't reserved for schools more efficiently, we will be able to find the resources required to put the county on a more sustainable path. That’s what I intend to do as your next County Executive.

I believe this coming election is an important one, and I am running because I want to use my experience, knowledge and vision to harness the many strengths of this county to address our challenges and develop successfully. I am confident of my ability to achieve those goals because, as I have shown over the years I’ve been on the County Council (and before), I am a practical problem-solver with a lifelong commitment to social and economic justice and a deep understanding of how county government works. Additionally, I pride myself on honesty and transparency; I do not say one thing and do another. And I am known as the elected official who consistently is accessible and willing to hear from residents, whoever they may be.

I hope you get a chance to check out my economic development plan, as well as my other priorities. And I hope to have your support on June 26.

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