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Election UpdatE

August 24, 2022

The Montgomery County Board of Elections has re-certified the results of the Democratic Primary, and we won by 32 votes. I want to give a huge thank you to the members of the Board of Elections and all the election staff – from our county and around the state – who worked diligently to re-count the votes – they worked throughout the weekend, and I know many Montgomery County staff worked late into the night.  I hope they have a chance to get a little rest before they gear back up for the general election.  


As for me, I want to thank the Democrats of Montgomery County for nominating me as our party’s candidate for County Executive. I am honored by your trust and am ready to get to work to elect Wes Moore and the entire Democratic ticket in November and ensure that Democrats win up and down the ballot throughout Montgomery County. I am looking forward to continuing our work to make Montgomery County as vibrant, successful and equitable as possible.  

August 18, 2022

Our account to donate online for the contested election fund is live! You can contribute HERE!


We are 12 hours away from the start of the recount of over 140,000 ballots cast in the Democratic Primary for County Executive a month ago. As you know, Marc is the certified winner by 35 votes. While we don’t expect this recount to change the final results, we have to fight back against our opponent’s request for a recount and other possible legal challenges. 


As you know we don’t have the wealth of our opponent. Marc has been proud to use public financing and there are significant legal costs associated with the recount.

In compliance with a new Maryland campaign finance law, we have created a new campaign entity to raise the funds needed to pay for these legal costs. We can only accept contributions from individuals up to $250. However since this is a brand new entity, even if you contributed the maximum $250 to Marc Elrich for County Executive, you can contribute again to Marc Elrich Contested Election fund! You’ve stepped up many times, and we hope you will do so again. 


Can you contribute anything from $5 to $250 to our Marc Elrich Contested Election fund TODAY?

August 15, 2022

Dear Neighbor,


The Board of Elections has certified me as the winner of the Democratic nomination for County Executive!  All the ballots have been counted and we won by 35 votes! However, the 35-vote margin of victory is slim and subject to a recount that is certain to happen.


The close vote underscores the importance of your work - each one of you made an enormous difference.  From the bottom of my heart, I want to extend my sincere thanks.


But we’re not finished. While 35 votes is a solid margin, it is also small, and according to press reports, the Blair campaign will officially request a full recount of all paper ballots.  We have been told that a recount will likely begin Friday.


While I believe that my victory will hold after the recount, our team still has to prepare for it, and that requires staff and other expenditures.  We used virtually all of our money to get our message out (we were outspent by millions of dollars), so we need to raise more money.  We also need to prepare for the general election.


If you haven’t maxed out ($250 max) to my campaign, I’m asking you to consider contributing up to the maximum.  If you have maxed out, you could ask family, friends and neighbors to also contribute.  There will soon be an opportunity for maxed out donors to contribute to a contested election fund - stay tuned.   I believe in public financing, but my opponent has extraordinary wealth and virtually unlimited resources.  By contrast, my financial resources are extremely limited, so I am asking for your help.


As I said in a statement last week after the initial count was finished, I am honored to be the Democratic nominee - I love this County and care about our residents very deeply.  I am eager to continue my work to help all of us succeed and thrive. And I’m also eager to get to work for Wes Moore, our Democratic nominee for governor, and our entire Democratic ticket.


Please continue to hang in there with me - your support and work has been amazing and is deeply appreciated.


My heartfelt thanks,


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