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Montgomery County Green Democrats and Environmental Leaders Endorse Marc Elrich for Montgomery Count

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Montgomery County Green Democrats and Environmental Leaders Endorse Marc Elrich for Montgomery County Executive

SILVER SPRING, Md._ On April 3, the Montgomery County Green Democrats announced their endorsement of Marc Elrich for County Executive. The endorsement reflects the results of a membership-wide vote and indicates that environmental activists throughout the county see Elrich as a leader on a wide range of environmental issues.

A group of prominent environmental activists and leaders in the county also voiced their individual support for Elrich, citing his voting record while serving on the Montgomery County Council for the past 12 years and detailing the work he has done, among other things, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve watersheds, limit plastic bag use, advance bus rapid transit, push divestment from fossil fuels, protect the Agricultural Reserve, curb the residential use of pesticides, expose the hazards of artificial turf, and preserve the county’s green space.

"Marc Elrich stands out above all others because of his commitment to do what is right. Others will adopt an issue once it becomes popular, but Marc is a pioneer who will take political risks and do the hard work to lead on issues which are critically important when they are not yet popular or well understood," said Marion Edey, a Green Democrats member and founder of the national League of Conservation Voters.

Many environmental activists, including Anne Ambler, former chair of the Montgomery County Sierra Club, and Dolores Milmoe, co-founder of the Montgomery Countryside Alliance, also cited Elrich’s independence from big-money donors, passion for research, and dedication to residents as reasons for their support. To read their testimonials and other quotes from prominent environmentalists who endorse Elrich, visit Elrich's website.

“I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with environmentalists throughout the county to combat climate change, protect our water supply, and work towards a more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren,” Elrich said. “It is humbling to have been recognized by Green Democrats members as the leading candidate on environmental issues and I am honored to have their support.”


Marc Elrich has been an at-large Montgomery County Councilmember since 2006. He chairs the Public Safety Committee, serves on the Education Committee, and is the County Council’s representative to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board. Prior to his election to the County Council, he served on the Takoma Park City Council for 19 years and taught at Rolling Terrace Elementary School for 17 years. For more information, see

Media Contact: Ben Spielberg, Campaign Manager 609-828-3783

By Authority: Marc Elrich for County Executive, Dale Tibbitts, Treasurer, 9511 St. Andrews Way, Silver Spring, MD 20901

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