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Media Contact: Jonathan Sperber


The Marc Elrich for County Executive campaign is pleased to announce that more than 650 individuals throughout the county have contributed to our campaign, and the state Board of Elections has certified the matching public funds. Since the campaign kickoff in March, the campaign has received support from all over the county.

“I want to thank the many people who are supporting my campaign for County Executive,” Marc Elrich said. “Through public financing, small donations can have a large impact. I am proud of the new public financing system in Montgomery County that allows candidates to raise enough money to be serious competitors by gathering hundreds of small (and relatively small) donations.”

Councilmember Elrich has never accepted donations from developers or land-use attorneys. “I believe it’s an absolute conflict of interest to take money from land-use attorneys and developers while deciding on their projects and zoning requests. So, again, I will not take that money in this election and have the public turn a land-use attorney's $150 check into a $750 donation. To do otherwise would defeat the purpose of public financing as an antidote to special interests.”

The campaign will continue working to raise money. The system allows a candidate for County Executive to access $750,000 in public funds. Individual donations up to $150 are matched at ratios of 6:1 for the first $5 to $50, 4:1 for the next $50, and 2:1 for the final $50.

Marc has engaged with communities all around this county on issues ranging from land use to the minimum wage to school overcrowding. Marc will continue to champion the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, the rights of tenants and the Fight for $15. As a former schoolteacher and current Councilmember, Marc knows what is needed to provide the best future for the county.

As of October 3rd, the campaign of Marc Elrich for County Executive has qualified to receive $272,020 in matching funds from the county's Public Election Fund. He received a total of 667 contributions from Montgomery County residents, totaling $59,717.

About the Elrich Campaign Marc’s connections to Montgomery County and Maryland run deep. Before his election to the Montgomery County Council, Marc served ten terms on the Takoma Park City Council and taught in the Montgomery County Public School System for 17 years. Since 2006, Elrich has served on the County Council, where he chairs the Public Safety Committee and is a member of the Education Committee. He also serves as the Council’s representative to the regional Transportation Planning Board. For more information, please visit Marc’s website:

By Authority: Marc Elrich for County Executive, Dale Tibbitts, Treasurer, 9511 St. Andrews Way, Silver Spring, MD 20901

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