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First 90 Days Financial To-Do List

As County Executive, I will initiate a long-term financial plan, increase the net profit contribution from the Department of Liquor Control, assess the appropriateness of county reserve levels, improve data practices, review non-competitive county contracts, establish an innovation fund, increase government accountability, and develop budgets that prioritize spending and ensure that the county meets financial commitments in a sustainable way. I would also begin a structural review of county departments in partnership with our county unions - who came to me with this idea - to change the way the county approaches vacancies, implement a labor-management partnership called gainsharing (in which both parties agree on targets for improving performance and reducing cost and everyone receives a share of the savings generated), and make services more efficient.

Improved Service Delivery

Our residents rely on county government for many essential services, which are often taken for granted until something goes wrong. These include collecting trash, paving streets, managing traffic, enforcing laws, and responding to emergencies. I will set ambitious goals for delivering these basic services better, faster and cheaper than ever before. By empowering residents and employees, holding department heads accountable, adopting better data practices, and overhauling our procurement processes, I am confident that we can get better results for the people of Montgomery County.

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