If you already donated $150 to Marc during the primary you are unable to contribute any more. Please convince your friends, family, and neighbors to support our campaign. 

The success of Marc's campaign depends on receiving modest contributions ($150 or less) from as many individuals as possible (no business, PAC, or even union funding is allowed).


We are up against a well financed opponent that is able to take $6,000 checks from big donors and corporations. We need your help!


The back of Marc's donation form explains how your donation will be multiplied by public financing for the campaign, and the rules that must be followed.

Clicking on the button above will take you to a form where all of your information can be entered online. It's easy and quick. Make sure to type your full name in the "E-signature" field before you hit the button that says "Securely Contribute Now." Thank you - your support is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign by personal check, that's great!  The check should be made out to "Marc Elrich for County Executive" and be written out for no more than $150.


In order to be eligible for matching public funds, we are also required to submit a form with your signature. The form also asks for you to initial that you are not a developer or a land-use attorney - Marc is the only candidate running who has never and will never take money from the people who stand to profit from the county's land-use decisions.

You can download the form to your computer by clicking on the button above. Save and print the downloaded form, fill it out, and send in with your check. Don't forget to sign and initial the form!


Send your donation to 9511 St. Andrew's Way, Silver Spring, MD 20901. Thank you for supporting Marc - your contribution to the campaign will make a difference!