Senator Ben Kramer

Marc has been a steady hand at the helm of Montgomery County government during a turbulent period caused by the global pandemic. That is why I am endorsing Marc Elrich for a second term as our County Executive.

Marc’s pragmatism and thoughtful style of governance has kept Montgomery County moving forward during this challenging time. He has ensured that our schools, libraries, recreation facilities, senior centers, and transit needs have been fully funded without raising taxes… not an easy task. At the same time, County Executive Elrich has been a national leader on managing the pandemic and protecting our citizens through this very challenging time. He has worked diligently to improve the business climate here and to help businesses thrive and grow.

As a state Senator representing Montgomery County, I know that Marc has been a partner in our successful efforts to bring much needed state revenue to Montgomery County for our important projects like the Bus Rapid Transit system that Marc has worked tirelessly to implement.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration over the next four years to continue making Montgomery County the premier place to work, raise a family and to retire.

Ben Kramer