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Sunday, July 3, 2022

A message from Marc:

TODAY is the last day your contribution can be matched by public funds before the election!

Hi, I'm Marc Elrich, and I'm here to ask for your help in my reelection campaign.  


My opponents are spending millions to distort who I am and my record.  I'm proud of the work we've done and what we've accomplished over the last four years, particularly coming in the middle of a pandemic.  We provided record funding for schools, transportation, childcare, climate change, and affordable housing.  Our affordable housing projects are now serving more people in need with greater affordability.  And we did it all without raising taxes because our economy is back at work.  I'm also proud to use public financing where small dollars really do make a difference.  Tonight at midnight is the last time the contributions can be matched before the election.  So I need your help, and I could really use your help now.  


I'm up against a billionaire, a co-founder of Facebook who was lying about me.I don't even know this person.  He's never reached out to me, and he lives in California.  He doesn't know my record or my policies.  And yet he's put a half a million dollars into this race to attack me and he knows nothing about me.  And alongside him is a gaggle of millionaires and developers who are using their money to lie about me as well.  So I really need your help to get our message out and correct the record.


Small dollar donations, no more than $250 by TONIGHT at midnight to get matching funds before election day.  I hope I can count on you and thank you very much.

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